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The Collaborating for Growth Playbook aims to help reinforce the UK as a world leader in offshore wind Innovation, to facilitate supply chain growth all across the UK and to support a Just Transition. Developers are working with industry to build on themes that will ultimately lead to growth of the sector:


  1. Early engagement with stakeholders

  2. Sharing future project plans

  3. Collaboration with industry

  4. Capability & capacity building

  5. Lessons learnt through procurement


This is achieved in a number of ways:


  • Developers engaging with the supply chain

  • Expansion and growth of suppliers including facilities, products and service

  • Inward Investment and attracting new suppliers

  • R&D and New Technology Developments

  • Sustainability through new products, processes and ideas

  • Transfer of knowledge and skills from oil and gas and other sectors

  • Growing exports to support overseas projects


Together these activities are providing a foundation for growth as the UK continues to play a world leading role in Offshore Wind.

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