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Collaborating for Growth

Developing a competitive UK supply chain


"The UK can be proud of its world-leading offshore wind industry. Through continued collaboration between Government, industry and academia, innovation in technology combined with targeted policies and frameworks have not only enabled the industry’s rapid growth, but also unlocked the steep cost declines which the sector has delivered, surpassing even our own expectations.

As our industry has grown organically, so too has the domestic supply chain, with the UK now home to large component facilities such as blade manufacturing, as well as cable factories, smaller component providers and services such as surveys and offshore logistics.

But despite the UK’s status as the world leader in Offshore Wind, there is more that we can do to build on our successes, creating world-beating supply chains that will compete and win in the growing global market for this vital technology.


OWIC members are committed to supporting growth of the UK supply chain and it is great to see these latest examples of how they continue to find new and innovative ways to achieve this.

For some companies, this could mean entering an entirely new market, or for existing supply chain companies, it could mean investment in expanded operations.


Either way, in order to win, companies will require knowledge and understanding of how contracts are awarded, detailed understanding of how products are used, foresight of future technology trends and a visibility of future projects.


This document sets out tangible examples of how developers, supply chain companies and industry bodies have successfully collaborated resulting in new products, new entrants to market, new investment in UK facilities and UK companies winning export contracts for projects overseas.


With our ambitious Sector Deal targets, the estimated UK market value in 2030 is in excess of £40 billion, with the value of export products and services in the industry expected to increase five-fold in the same period.


We want to continue to expand this collaboration, and encourage suppliers whether existing or new, to engage with the opportunities this industry presents, bringing more UK suppliers into the market, whilst keeping costs down to benefit UK consumers and drive an affordable energy transition for the country."


Danielle Lane

OWIC Co-Chair

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